Restoration and Maintenance

Restoration is an art in itself, it often signifies almost “building a new instrument “.
The difficulty of the restoration is obviously to try avoiding to compromise the characteristics of the originals.
You have to respect the integrity of the instrument without adding too much details.
In case of ancient instruments, after a careful study of the work in question we are going to use techniques and woods that are as close as possible to those encountered.
There are varying degrees of restoration, time and work to be performed are carefully planned with the customer.


Maintenance is of fundamental importance for conservation over the years, since the instruments can really keep a very long time if cared for properly: just think of the old instruments which are still playable today!
Musicians often neglect this aspect for obvious reasons. So for example to change a plectrum or a broken string they handle without the necessary care, not to mention the tunings that are properly executed only a few times during the year.
A good care is the basis of the conservation of an instrument. It is essential to avoid important restorations, therefore a scheduled maintenance is the first step to to keep a long lasting stability and functionality of any instrument.


The services we offer can be estimated on the basis of a description or a photograph, but for a more precise estimation the direct vision of the instrument is required.