After “Anonimo Lionese”

This instrument is kept near the Châtau d’Assas, France

There are probably two instruments which are attributed to this anonymous harpsichord maker. The first  was seen and photographed by Carlo Mascheroni during  a first trip to France, while the second, still playable, is preserved at the Château d’Assas where during a second voyage Federico and Carlo Mascheroni took the main measures, such as length of the strings and pinch points, in order to reproduce it.  The instrument’s main feature is to have very thin  flanks – compared to other French-style instruments. This gives a clear and “transparent”  sound.

This  instrument has strong Flemish influences, documented by the presence of internal paper  and of a parchment rosette.

It  was one of the favorites by Scott Ross, who lived the latter part of his short life in Assas.