Every tuning action is a great compromise! Periodically you can read in the specialized literature sensational discoveries on the “real” tuning to be taken for a specific repertoire or composer:
The  fact itself that everyone has his own idea or  preference shows how the topic is really controversial.
Tuning means not only choosing between one system or the other (Werkmeister I / III or,,,), but also taking into account a number of factors: the environment, the temperature, the pitch, the type of strings, their tension, the plucking point … 
 Only a balanced consideration of all these components allows us to make the right choice, while keeping alive the spirit of continuous research on the basis of studies in musicology and organology.
We perform tunings on: harpsichords, fortepianos, organs and every kind of ancient stringed instruments. We use the most reliable electronic tools like TLA or Korg tuners and of course a good listening skills, without which every tunings even with the aid given by modern technology would become difficult, long and without a successful high standard.