Pascal Taskin 1769

Instrument from the “Raymond Russel Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments”, Edinburgh

This instrument was built in Paris in 1769 by Pascal Taskin; the date is displayed on the soundboard and marked on the first and last jack of each register.
This harpsichord is an excellent example of the French standard in the 18th century, both in terms of musical body and piece of furniture.
The original outer case shows a light green colour with golden bands, while the inside reveals a pale brown. This combination of colors is not exactly typical, it is thought that the instrument has been repainted over the centuries. 
The manuals have the traditional French decoration: the diatonic keys natural ebony with arched boxwood key fronts, while chromatic keys are ivory lined.
From the point of view of the sound, this instrument is a typical example of French harpsichord: the timbre is rich and complex, the sound is deep in the bass and sharp and crystal clear towards the treble.

Compass: FF to f ”’ (61 notes) or modified FF to g”’ (63 notes)

Disposition: two manuals, lower keybord: 8′ + 4′ ; upper keybord: 8′ + lute

transposition: 392/415/440 Hz

decorations like the original or with red-black varnishing, decorated soundboard, Louis XV stand