Bottega Artigiana

About us

Ours is a family business whose origins date back to Grandpa Diamond Mascheroni, who in the 1930s started his craft with repair, tuning and construction of pianos.

Starting from the years ‘ 60 the workshop began to operate in the context of historical keyboard instruments, in particular with the activities of Carlo Mascheroni, pianist, organist and harpsichordist. Carlo’s passion for early music convinced the father Diamond to invest time and energy in making harpsichords. Soon the interest was devoted to the study and construction of clavichord building, virginali, spinets, harpsichord/pedalcembali, fortepiani, claviorgans and organs. Currently Charles and his son, Federico continues along the path traced out 50 years ago, continuing their workshop with dedication, innovation and creativity.

There are many professionals who have choose us, and now boast the presence of our instruments in some of the most important Italian and European conservatives, but also civic and private schools, churches and other structures of artistic significance.

Some examples:

Conservatorio di Milano, Scuola civica di Milano, St. Mark’s Church, the parish of St. Vincent Milano, Como Conservatory music school maze of Novara, Conservatorio di Novara, Ravenna Conservatory, Conservatory of Salerno, Matera Music Conservatory, Academy of Smarano, Istituto musicale Castel franco Veneto Conservatory of Geneva Switzerland, Church of Heraklion Greece, Musikschule in Munich, Germany, and many others also in the rest of Europe and the world, France, Austria, Spain, Poland, Australia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan.

In addition, our instruments are normally used by various musical associations in the course of important exhibitions, such as: “musical evenings”, “Milano Classica”, “I pomeriggi Musicali”, “La Petite Bande”, “humane society”, “cultural association” La Cappella Musicale “,” Association “,” Cameristi Scaligeri Associazione Musicale Pozzoli “,” Marco Fodella “Foundation,” cultural association. Celestino Eccher “,” Cultural Association “and other Mediterranean Naples.